Adding New Channels on Roku Channel Store | Roku App on TV

We have Three option to add a channel on Roku Channel store.If you want to add a channel from Remote…

  • We need to use the Roku remote to do it. Press Home Button on your Roku remote.
  • Now go to up or down and find Streaming Channels from here and open channel Store.
  • In the channel store’s most popular channel list will be there we can select channels from here or in search box we can type a keyword or channel like HBO and we can select it.
  • If your channel is free then you can simply select add Channel and your channel will install and you can watch it but if it is a paid Channel than you need to buy it.

The second option is to go to

Add Roku Channels from the smartphone.

Roku is providing the Roku Mobile application to manage the Roku account so with the help of an app. We can add the channel easily. Roku is providing support for both ISO or Android platform so if you have Android phone then go to Play Store or If you have iPhone then go to App Store and download Roku Mobile App.and login with your Roku Credentials. Now you can see Roku Channel store option will be there so now find a channel which you want to add and select Add Channel.

Add Roku Channels from

Use your laptop or desktop or smartphone and open the website And login in your Roku account. Now you need to find the Channel Store option here. and find your favorite Channel which you want to add here. It will install in your Roku device and you can see it.

Roku App on T/V

We have many options to manage the Roku account and watch live streaming. A very good and simple option is there that directly uses your Roku App on T/V and we do not need any other thing.

This App is directly installed in our Roku T/V we just need to update this app from time to time. whenever Roku will provide a new update we need to update this app.

There are many options are there like Top Paid, Top Free Games, Movies and TV, Music, News & Weather Sports Science & Technology, Internet TV, Comedy, food, and other options are there so we can watch Channels as we want.

  • It is better than other T/V like Apple t/v or Google Chromecast because it is User-friendly and very easy to use.
  • Also, it is providing a USB port so if we want to play a movie from USB we just need to plug it in the USB port and Roku Media Player will play this video.
  • Also, we can see pictures in this Roku Media Player. Plug your flash drive in USB Port and we can see Pictures on our T/V.
  • Also if you have Music in your flash Drive then you can play music in your T/V.
  • Just like other smart T/V, we can Adjust our T/V’s display setting or sound setting with this app.
  • We can Pause Live Channel. Actually it will give us up to 90 Minutes for playback and rewind. But we need a USB pen drive or USB HDD to save it.
  • Also, it’s providing a voice search option so we can find any channel from our voice command.
  • We can rename the Input device option according to us. For Example, we can Rename HDMI 1 to any name.

Finally, Now Roku Device App supports 4k so we can watch 4k channels or movies without any problem.

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