How to fix Roku Error Code 013 At Roku Com Link | Fix Roku Streaming Error

If are you facing any issue with Roku error code? Roku com link then you can get benefit from us.Buffering issue

If we have a good internet speed we will never face the buffering issues.

So use a fast Internet connection and if still, you are facing the buffering issues than reboot modem & your Roku device once. Check your internet with your Internet service provider. If your many devices using the same time internet you can face this issue.

For example, one person is watching a movie on YouTube or online and the other one person is playing a High Graphics game on the internet and someone is doing some other work and now you if you are watching your T/V so you can face this type of issue. So take your internet plan according to your needs. Or if you are not sure then consult with your ISP he will guide you.

No audio or video problem

If you are using any audio or video cable please disconnect it and directly connect Roku in t/v’s  HDMI port so now if video and audio are working it means audio /video cable is faulty or it was not properly connected.

Roku device is directly connected in TV but still no video

According to t/v, many input options are there to watch the video, Like HDMI 1, HDMI 2, USB port. So according to our device, we need to select the correct option. Or if you have still any confusion please select all input options one by one.

Low signal strength Message.

Keep router near to your Roku device so you will never face the low signal problem. or still, it is showing the same problem you can use HDMI extender cable.

Roku Device responds very slow.

Without any indication some time it responds very slow so that time we need to reset our Roku device.

Go to setting and one option will be there advance setting and find here the factory reset you may factory reset your Roku device from here.

All Channels are working fine but One channel is not working.

Sometimes It is just a temporary problem but if you face this type of problem from a long time then make sure you have an active subscription for this channel. Because some channel requires subscription.or if you still face this issue then contact the Roku support team.

Unable to play video from any channel.

Try to reboot the Roku device and check again. if still it will not work then check your internet it is working fine or not. Or check internet speed. If everything is working fine then reset your Roku device.

If you changed your router or home.

It’s mean you need to reconnect your Roku device from your router. Because when you change your router you again need to add your Roku device in your network.

Or if you change your home so might be your ISP is not the same or your router is not the same so you need to set up your Roku device again.

Roku Error Code 013 at Roku Com Link

  1. If you are using Ethernet cable and your Roku device by Roku com link not communicating with Ethernet cable then this type of error message will appear.
  2. So make sure your Ethernet cable is properly connected with Roku Device.
  3. If Ethernet cable is very old it might be not working properly so replace this cable.
  4. Plug your Ethernet cable in other router’s port and try to check it again.
  5. Reboot router & Roku device.
  6. If your Roku Device software is outdated it will also not work so update Roku device software.
  7. Try to reset your Roku device.

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