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Everything you need to know about the Roku product and Roku streaming player.Roku streaming player is a very popular cost-effective device to watch TV Live. Streaming is mean that whatever you want to watch you no need to download it. For example, many websites like YouTube or Netflix, If you surf on these websites or if you watch anything on this website you no need to download video on your device. And if your internet speed is very good you will never face buffering issues.

Previously time we need to download a movie from the internet and after that, we were watched the video. But now the time is changed without delay, without buffering, Or download we can watch the video. This depends on us what we want to watch as many things are free and many are paid.

So if you have a home internet connection and you want to watch a movie or video or TV shows you can use a Roku streaming player. Actually Roku is just a mediator if you have internet it will explore your TV world.

Know about Roku Product

As we know that Roku has some products but some common thing is that. We can use 5000+Channels on every device. It means no matter which product you buy.

Many Channels are free so it is also the same for all devices. Many paid channels are also there so we can take Subscription according to our needs.

You can connect it with TV but the HDMI port is expected. All provided Full HD support.

All are compatible with IOS and Android. It means we can download the Roku app and we can control our Roku device from the app. No monthly fee for any device.

Roku Product list is given below:-

Roku Express. It’s Roku product supports full HD. It works with 802.11 b/g/n. Which is older wireless connectivity technology? We will receive a simple remote with it. It will not support voice support.

Two main main devices are in this category:

(a)Roku Express 3900

(b)Roku Express+ 3910

Roku expresses 3900 and Roku +3910 almost the same main difference is that Roku +3910 Providing A/V cable composite port. So we can use this device on our old TV.

Roku Streaming Stick. The main benefit of Roku Streaming Stick is that you no need separate HDMI cable as it has an inbuilt HDMI port.

We can power On this device from two types:

  1. We can use the power adapter (Wall Outlet) to power On it.
  2. We can use TV’s USB port to power On it.

Features of Roku Streaming Stick:

  • It supports Full HD, 4k ultra HD, and HDR.
  • It works with 802.11ac which is newer wireless technology. Compare to 802.11 b/g/n.
  • It supports voice command too.

(a)Roku Streaming Stick 3800

(b)Roku Streaming Stick+ 3810

Roku Streaming Stick 3800 and Roku Streaming Stick+ 3810 both have an HDMI port. The main difference is that Roku Streaming Stick+ 3810 supports 4k video format.

Roku TV- Some Famous TV brand like TCL, Sharp, JVC providing inbuilt Roku Operating system for their TV. It means you no need to buy an external Roku device.

If you have your data like Video, Music, Pictures in your Pen Drive and you want to watch it with your family members or with friends then Roku Media Player is a good option.

Roku device has a USB port so you can watch your video with the help of this USB port. You can play music and also see pictures with help of Roku Media Player.

Roku Media Player support many file system as fat 16, fat 32, NTFS and much more.

If you have a movie in your Pen drive and you want to watch your favorite movie on Big Screen or I just want to say TV then follow these steps.

  1. Plug your pen drive in your TV’s USB port.
  2. Now find the input method so find here your USB. Your pen drive will detect here.
  3. Our Roku media Player will find the file and according to file it will work as it is a movie file then you can play your movie.

Video…Roku Media Player support many video format as mp4, MOV, Mkv. Latest Roku Media Player supports 4K videos also.

Audio…New Roku Media Player support almost all music extension as aac, mp3, wma, flac, ac3, dts, webm, mov, Mkv, wav and many more.

Image….JPG and JPEG, PNG and GIF supported by Roku Media Player.

Our Roku Media Player support Dolby Digital Sound, We just need to use HDMI cable to connect t/v to our Roku device. This is a very good and simple option to feel DTS.

So if you are a thing to buy a new TV then defiantly Roku TV is the best option.

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