Reset your Roku device | Roku Remote Issue | Red LED blinking on Roku Express and Express+

If you want to know reset device and Roku remote issue. We provide you an easy process.

Process of Reset Roku Device

  • Reset your Roku.
  • Use your Roku remote and go to the home button.
  • Go to up or down and go to Setting.
  • Go to System. And here select an Advance system setting.
  • Select the Factory reset and our Roku device we reset successfully.

Roku Remote Issue

  • If some buttons are not working on your Roku remote then you need to replace Remote.
  • If you are pressing the remote button but sometimes it is working fine but sometimes it is not then replacing Batteries. If Roku remote getting warm when you are normally using it then urgently replace the Roku remote.

Red LED blinking on Roku Express and Express+

Many Roku Express and Express+ device can be power ON by T/V’s USB port. It’s mean you no need a wall power outlet to power ON this device.You can simply connect the USB cable from T/V to Roku Express or Express+ and it will work. Some time T/V can not provide sufficient power so the Roku device’s red light will start Blinking. Some time it is very hard to identify issues because your Roku device & T/V both are working fine.

  • Try to connect USB cable in t/v’s other USB port.
  • Replace USB cable.
  • Or if you face this type of issue continuous then use Wall Power Outlet to provide power to your Roku device.
  • Because your Roku’s software can be crashed.

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